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The Club


Bridge Session in the Warwick Room

The Young Chelsea offers frequent duplicate bridge games for members and visitors, and regular bridge lessons for beginners and improvers.  It has a licensed bar and a kitchen.  The latter offers a short but very reasonably priced menu.  There is typically a choice between two substantial meals and a smaller one.  Meals are available from 1½ hours before evening games.  Salads and sandwiches are available at other times.  Do not be misled by the name.  Although the Young Chelsea is particularly welcoming to young players, there are many older members, some of whom have belonged since the club began in 1968.  There is no upper age limit — you are never the wrong age to play at the Young Chelsea (or YC as it is popularly known).  And although its original home was in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, its current premises are near Shepherd’s Bush.


Regular Weekly Pairs Events


(Except on bank holidays and bank holiday weekends in England and the week between Christmas and New Year when the club is closed.)

Mondays at 7.00pm and Wednesdays at 7.30pm; Advanced Matchpoint duplicates — 24-26 boards.  Friday evenings at 7.30pm; our classic Advanced Cross-IMP duplicate.


Thursdays at 1.00pm; Social Matchpoint duplicate.


Sundays at 2.00pm; Friendly Bridge duplicates (to help novices make the transition to regular club play, or for anyone who is looking for a relaxed and sociable game).


More detailed calendar of events



Young Chelsea Knockout

The Young Chelsea Knockout (YCKO) is a double-elimination teams-of-four tournament.  A team is only eliminated when it has lost two matches.  All matches are played at the YC.  The 2015-2016 tournament is underway with matches in round 3 due to be played by the end of April 2016.  More information, the draw and results are on the YC Knockout 2015-2016 page.



London Super League

The London Super League (LSL) is a teams-of-four league launched by YC club manager Nick Sandqvist in 2006.  The LSL runs twice each year with all matches played at the YC.  There are two divisions at present, with 10 teams in the first division.  After each ‘season’ the top two teams in the second division go up to the first, while the bottom two teams in the first division are demoted.  Match days are fixed in advance so that all teams in a division play the same deals on the same day.  (There is a little latitude if teams really cannot make the scheduled date.)  First division matches are currently held on Wednesdays and second division matches on Tuesdays.


Anyone interested in playing in the LSL can obtain more information from the LSL website, or by speaking to Nick Sandqvist at the club.




The Young Chelsea runs an Autumn ladder each year, typically from September through December, for which results from the advanced duplicates (on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays) count.  There is a substantial prize fund for the leading players.



Give us your Email!

The easiest and most efficient way for us to keep in touch with you, and to inform you of forthcoming events, is by email.  If you don’t receive emails from us, we probably don’t have a current email address for you.  To update your email details on our database, click here and send the email.



Page last updated 18th September 2016


Coming Soon


YCKO Round 5 Play-by Date — Wednesday 31st August (notionally).


YC Ladder — Autumn 2016 — starts Monday 12th September and runs for 39 duplicates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, finishing on Friday 9th December.


London Super League — Autumn 2016 — Division 1 starts Wednesday 14th September and Division 2 starts Tuesday 13th September.


LMBA Men’s Pairs & Women’s Pairs — Sunday 9th October at 2.00pm.


YC Half Marathon — Autumn 2016 — Saturday 12th November
at 11.00am.


YC Christmas Party 2016 — Saturday 10th December at 7.00pm.




Sunday Friendly Bridge Sessions to Resume on 11th September 3rd September 2016

The Sunday afternoon friendly duplicate sessions, which were suspended for the Summer holidays, will resume on Sunday 11th September (one week after it had originally been hoped to resume the sessions).


Please note that there will be no friendly duplicate on Sunday 4th September.

EBU Tournament Director Training Courses at YC 28th August 2016

The club will be hosting a series of one-day Club Tournament Director Courses this autumn.  These will provide a great opportunity for club members who are interested in getting into tournament direction, or who would just like a better understanding of the laws of the game, to attend these useful one-day sessions.


The courses are scheduled as follows:


Essentials — Sunday 2nd October
Book Rulings — Sunday 16th October
Judgement Rulings — Sunday 6th November
Assessment — Sunday 11th December


Courses normally start at 10.30am and finish at around 4.00pm.  They cost £45 for EBU members for each of the first three courses and £54 for the Assessment Course.  Places should be booked through the EBU Competitions Department —

Annual General Meeting 2016 Draft Minutes 5th August 2016

The draft minutes of the Young Chelseas Bridge Club Annual General Meeting, held on Tuesday 17th May 2016 are available here.

Camera Crew at the Club 2nd August 2016

This Thursday 4th August, there is going to be a camera crew around, in the back room, during the game.  They are filming for a new Richard Osman quiz programme about how the News uses Statistics.  They are looking for a few older players to ask about the jobs they have done.  They are also filming in a nearby school to ask 9-year olds what jobs they would like.  Sounds fun — if you want to play we start at 1pm.  Help put YCBC on the map.


Richard Osman will be in attendance on Thursday.

Summer Break for Sunday Friendly Bridge Sessions 31st July 2016

The Sunday afternoon friendly duplicate sessions will be suspended for the Summer holidays during the month of August.  They are expected to resume on Sunday 4th September.

Where Credit is Due 19th July 2016

Members will recall that it was once possible to pay bills at the Young Chelsea by credit card.  That facility was suspended while the club was between permanent venues.  The good news is that the club has resumed taking credit card payments now.

Brian Jackson RIP 12th July 2016

We are sad to report the recent death of Brian Jackson, well-known London bridge host and sometime player at the Young Chelsea.  Here is an appreciation of his life.

London Super League Autumn 2016 12th July 2016

The London Super League (LSL) is run by YC club manager Nick Sandqvist on fixed dates at the YC.  (The LSL, despite its name, is not a LMBA event.)


The Autumn 2016 season is expected to run as two divisions as the Spring 2016 season did.  Division 1 will contain ten teams and play nine matches starting on Wednesday 14th September and continuing on Wednesdays at 2-week intervals and finishing with three Wednesdays in a row on 21st December.


Division 2 will contain the remaining teams.  As the number of teams in division 2 is not yet known, the schedule is provisional.  At present it is planned to hold matches from Tuesday 13th September through Tuesday 20th December in the same weeks as the division 1 matches.


The dates are in the YC calendar.  The LSL website will be updated in due course when the teams are known.  If you are interested in entering a team, please contact YC club manager Nick Sandqvist.



For more news see the news page.