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The Club


Bridge Session in the Warwick Room

The Young Chelsea offers frequent duplicate bridge games for members and visitors, and regular bridge lessons for beginners and improvers.  The club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU).  For the Young Chelsea’s duplicates, unlike those of some other clubs in London, there are awards of EBU Master Points (a lifetime record of achievement) and the duplicates count towards the EBU’s National Grading Scheme (a measure of current performance).


The club has a licensed bar and a kitchen.  The latter offers a short but very reasonably priced menu.  There is typically a choice between two substantial meals and a smaller one.  Meals are available from 1½ hours before evening games.  Salads and sandwiches are available at other times.


Do not be misled by the name.  Although the Young Chelsea is particularly welcoming to young players, there are many older members, some of whom have belonged since the club began in 1968.  There is no upper age limit—you are never the wrong age to play at the Young Chelsea (or YC as it is popularly known).  And although its original home was in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, its current premises are near Shepherd’s Bush.


Regular Pairs Events


(Except on bank holidays and bank holiday weekends in England and the week between Christmas and New Year when the club is closed.)


Mondays at 7.00pm and Wednesdays at 7.30pm; Advanced Matchpoint duplicates—24–26 boards.


Friday evenings at 7.30pm; our classic Advanced Cross‑IMP duplicate.


Second Sunday of each month at 2.00pm; Friendly Bridge duplicates (to help novices make the transition to regular club play, or for anyone who is looking for a relaxed and sociable game).


More detailed calendar of events



Young Chelsea Knockout

The Young Chelsea Knockout (YCKO) is a double‑elimination teams‑of‑four tournament.  A team is only eliminated when it has lost two matches.  All matches are played at the YC.  The 2017 tournament starts in January 2017.  Team rosters and the draw are on the YC Knockout 2017 page.  Results will appear there when available.



London Super League

The London Super League (LSL) is a teams‑of‑four league launched by YC club manager Nick Sandqvist in 2006.  The LSL runs twice each year with all matches played at the YC.  There are two divisions at present, with 10 teams in the first division.  After each “season” the top two teams in the second division go up to the first, while the bottom two teams in the first division are demoted.  Match days are fixed in advance so that all teams in a division play the same deals on the same day.  (There is a little latitude if teams really cannot make the scheduled date.)  First division matches are currently held on Wednesdays and second division matches on Tuesdays.


Anyone interested in playing in the LSL can obtain more information from the LSL website, or by speaking to Nick Sandqvist at the club.




The Young Chelsea runs an Autumn ladder each year, typically from September through December, for which results from the advanced duplicates (on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays) count.  There is a substantial prize fund for the leading players.



Give us your Email!

The easiest and most efficient way for us to keep in touch with you, and to inform you of forthcoming events, is by email.  If you don’t receive emails from us, we probably don’t have a current email address for you.  To update your email details on our database, click here and send the email.



Page last updated 24th April 2017


Coming Soon

Children’s Bridge Tuition—Sunday 7th May at 2.00pm.  A free tuition session given by club member David Muller.


Young Chelsea Half Marathon—Saturday 13th May at 11.00am.


Ned Paul’s Learn Bridge in a Weekend—for absolute beginners—Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th July at 10.30am each day.


LMBA London Congress—Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th July.  Swiss Pairs (seven seven‑board matches) on the Saturday at 1.00pm.  Swiss Teams (seven seven‑board matches) on the Sunday at 11.30am.



In Progress

YCKO 2017—play by date for round two matches is Friday 13th April.


London Super League—Spring 2017—Teams league with matches held on specific days.  Matches run from Tuesday 24th January through Tuesday 16th May in division two, and from Wednesday 8th February through Wednesday 31st May in division one.


Beginners and Improvers Eight‑Week Bridge Courses—start Tuesday 31st January and Thursday 2nd February.




LMBA Seniors Pairs Winners 2017 by Young Chelsea
Peter Saies and Christine Tomkin—winners of the LMBA Seniors Pairs 2017

Peter Saies and Christine Tomkin—winners of the LMBA Seniors Pairs 2017

The Young Chelsea hosted the LMBA Seniors Pairs for the Fox Shammon trophy again this year.  The event was held as a single extended 36‑board session on Sunday 23rd April 2017.


The field finished bunched together.  In first place, receiving a £52 prize, were Peter Saies & Christine Tomkin on 55.21%.  In second place, getting £26, were David Muller & Sonia Griffiths on 54.51%.  Full results may be found on the LMBA website.


Free Children’s Bridge Tuition by David Muller

On Sunday 7th May starting at 2.00pm at the Young Chelsea, I will start teaching bridge to three sisters—eleven‑year‑old twins and a nine‑year‑old—and their father.  The father says they are really keen to get started.


The tuition is aimed at complete beginners.  There will be no charge.  If any of you know of any children of a similar age who might want to learn please bring them along, but please let me know that you are coming by emailing me, David Muller.  (I hope to run this tuition on every Sunday in May, and should it take off it might continue to be run on every Sunday.)

Thursday Social Duplicates Suspended by Young Chelsea

Attendance at the club’s Thursday social duplicates has recently been below the minimum to run a game.  Rather than disappoint players who telephone or turn up in the hope of a game, the club has reluctantly decided to suspend the Thursday games for the time being.  The club apologises to those affected.


If a sufficiently committed core group of players, willing to support a Thursday game in the future, comes forward, the club will look at reviving the game.

Young Chelsea Half Marathon—Spring 2017 by Young Chelsea

The Young Chelsea will hold a half marathon pairs event using cross‑IMP scoring (in the same way as the regular Friday evening duplicates do) on Saturday 13th May 2017.


Start time is 11.00am and the event will last about 12 hours.


As always, there will be a substantial prize fund, with an £800 prize for the winning pair.


Please make your entry either on the notice board in the club, or by calling or emailing club manager Nick Sandqvist.

YCKO 2016 Winners by Young Chelsea
YCKO 2016 Winners

YCKO 2016 Winners Joe Fawcett, Heather Dhondy, Richard Granville, Brian Callaghan

The winner of the late‑running 48‑board final of the YCKO 2015–2016 was team Callaghan, which beat team Chadha by 15 IMPs in a hard‑fought match on Monday 30th January.  Brian Callaghan, Heather Dhondy, Joe Fawcett, and Richard Granville played throughout the final.  (Rob Cliffe and Ian Payn were also members of the team.)  This is the first time Heather Dhondy, Joe Fawcett, and Richard Granville have won a YCKO.  All six members of Gad Chadha’s team took part.


The winning team received a £1,000 prize; the runners‑up £400.


Team Callaghan is eligible for a play‑off match against the team winning the 2017 London Championship Teams‑of‑Four to decide who will represent London in the 2018 Lederer invitation tournament.


Sheila Peers RIP by Young Chelsea

Club members will be sad to hear of the death of Sheila Peers at the age of 99.  Sheila was a regular at the club until a few years ago, mainly playing with her husband Brian, both fine players.  A little deaf, Sheila could often be heard berating Brian in stentorian tones!  After his death she moved out of London to be nearer her family, where she continued to play bridge regularly at Chichester Bridge Cub.  She died on 9th January 2017.

Autumn Ladder 2016 Winner by Young Chelsea
Niall Igoe–winner of the YC Autumn Ladder 2016

Niall Igoe–winner of the YC Autumn Ladder 2016

The Autumn 2016 ladder has just finished.  It ran for 39 sessions from Monday 12th September through Friday 9th December, taking into account scores from just the advanced duplicates on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.


Ranking is by average of the 10 best scores with four different partners.  (Friday IMP scores are converted to percentages for ladder purposes; the Cross‑IMPs page explains how.)


The prize fund was £1,000.  Congratulations to the winner on 59.90%, Niall Igoe, who received £500.


The rest of the prize fund is to be divided amongst those (apart from club manager Nick Sandqvist who has once again passed on his own prize) in the next few places.  A minor problem with the runners‑up scores as currently presented means a small recalculation will be necessary.  Watch this space.



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