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Special Offers

Discounted Session Fees on Thursday Evenings until 18 April.


The Club

Bridge Session in the Warwick Room Bridge Session in the Warwick Room

The Young Chelsea offers frequent duplicate bridge games for members and visitors, and regular bridge lessons for beginners and improvers.


EBU Affilated Club

The club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU). For the Young Chelsea’s duplicates, unlike those of some other clubs in London, there are awards of EBU Master Points (a lifetime record of achievement) and the duplicates count towards the EBU’s National Grading Scheme (a measure of current performance).


The club has a licensed bar and a kitchen. The latter offers a short but very reasonably priced menu. There is typically a choice between two substantial meals and a smaller one. Meals are available from 1½ hours before evening games. Salads and sandwiches are available at other times.


Do not be misled by the name. Although the Young Chelsea is particularly welcoming to young players, there are many older members, some of whom have belonged since the club began in 1968. There is no upper age limit—you are never the wrong age to play at the Young Chelsea (or YC as it is popularly known). And although its original home was in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, its current premises are near Shepherd’s Bush.


Regular Pairs Events


(Except on bank holidays and bank holiday weekends in England and the week between Christmas and New Year when the club is closed.)


Mondays and Thursdays at 7.00pm; matchpoint duplicate pairs—24–26 boards.


Thursdays at 1.00pm; matchpoint duplicate pairs—finishing before 5.00pm.


Friday evenings at 7.30pm; our classic  cross‑IMP duplicate pairs.


†: If there are sufficiently few tables, Cross‑IMP scoring instead of matchpoints will apply.


More detailed calendar of events



Young Chelsea Knockout

The Young Chelsea Knockout (YCKO) is a double‑elimination teams‑of‑four tournament. A team is only eliminated when it has lost two matches. All matches are played at the YC. The 2018 tournament started in March 2018. Team rosters and the draw are on the YC Knockout 2018 page, on which results appear when available.



London Super League

The London Super League (LSL) is a teams‑of‑four league launched by erstwhile YC club manager Nick Sandqvist in 2006. The LSL runs twice each year with all matches played at the YC. There are two divisions at present, with ten teams in Division One. After each season the top two teams in Division Two are promoted, while the bottom two teams in the Division One are demoted. Match days are fixed in advance so that all teams in a division play the same deals on the same day. (There is a little latitude if teams really cannot make the scheduled date.) Division One matches are currently held on Wednesdays and Division Two matches on Tuesdays.


Anyone interested in playing in the LSL can obtain more information from the LSL website, or by getting in touch with Nick Sandqvist via the club.




The Young Chelsea has traditionally run an Autumn ladder each year, typically from September through December. A new development in 2019 is a Spring ladder from January through April. There is a prize fund for the leading players.



Give us your Email!

The easiest and most efficient way for us to keep in touch with you, and to inform you of forthcoming events, is by email. If you don’t receive emails from us, we probably don’t have a current email address for you. To update your email details on our database, click here and send the email.



Page last updated 19 March 2019


Coming Attractions


LMBA Garden Cities Heat—Thursday 21 March. Start at 7.00pm. Inter‑club teams‑of‑eight qualifier.


EBU Portland Pairs—Sunday 24 March. Start at 12.00 noon. EBU Mixed pairs championship.


YCBC Swiss Teams—Sunday 7 April. Start at 12.00 noon. Seven seven‑deal matches. Register/view online. Poster.


YCBC Half Marathon—Saturday 27 April. Start at 11.00am. Cross‑IMPed 12‑hour pairs. Register/view online. Poster.



In Progress


YCBC Spring ladder—started Monday 14 January. (Fourteen players are qualifying through Monday 18 March.)


London Superleague for Spring 2019—Division One started Wednesday 16 January; Division Two started Tuesday 15 January.


YCKO 2018—Round Four is complete. Teams should try to play their Round Five matches as soon as they can manage.





Standby Pair for the Portland Pairs 2019 by David Muller

The EBU has asked us to try to find them a Standby Pair for the Portland Pairs.


The deal for standby pairs is this. They are asked to come to the venue in time for the start. If they are required to play, they are not required to pay anything, and they play with full standing in the competition (as long as they are a Mixed pair!). If they are not needed, we thank them for their trouble by offering the choice of reasonable travelling expenses or a free game at the club for which the EBU will pay.


If you are a pair that is willing to be the Standby Pair, please let the club know.


Richard Harris (29 July 1950–5 February 2019) by Young Chelsea
Richard Harris (29 July 1950–5 February 2019)Richard Harris (29 July 1950–5 February 2019)

We are very sad to report that Richard Harris, a former member of the Young Chelsea Bridge Club, died last month, aged 68, peacefully in a care home in Dorset. Long‑standing members will remember him from the 1980s when he was a regular participant at the club. Our sympathies go to his family and friends.


Make YC Great Again! by Francois Picard

We count on all members to Make YC Great Again! One initiative this year is the YC 2019 Quiz: whether you are expert, average or novice in bidding, this was designed for you to benefit from comments from our fantastic panel and to check your partners or friends’ calls and improve your partnership. This is a friendly contest, but competitors who enjoy challenges will be ranked on their best 10 out of 11 quizzes (in case you miss one). The February Quiz is exceptionally extended to 09/03. I would not miss it as there might be some great new surprises to club members: more on the prizes in the next few weeks…


so please go for it and just brexit bid it!


YC Open Teams Challenge March 2019—Report by Young Chelsea
Winners of the YC Open Teams Challenge March 2019 for the Hecht Cup—Mark Lehto, Brian Callaghan, Fiona Hutchison, Chris DuckworthWinners of the YC Open Teams Challenge March 2019 for the Hecht Cup—Mark Lehto, Brian Callaghan, Fiona Hutchison, Chris Duckworth


The winners of the Open Teams Challenge for the Hecht Cup, played over the weekend 2 & 3 March were


Chris DUCKWORTH, Brian Callaghan, Fiona Hutchison, and Mark Lehto.


Seven teams entered. The top four teams after Saturday’s play qualified for semifinals on Sunday. In qualifying order, they were


Sarah BELL, Steve Kennedy, Stefano Tommasini, Sebastian Kristensen


Chris DUCKWORTH, Brian Callaghan, Fiona Hutchison, Mark Lehto


Ali AHMED, Szczepan Smoczyński, Todor Tiholov, James Thrower


Jonathan HARRIS, Maruša Gold, Niall Igoe, Steve Root.


Qualifying leader BELL, after picking HARRIS as semifinal opponent, lost the match by a very narrow margin. In the other semifinal DUCKWORTH reversed a half‑time deficit to prevail against AHMED. DUCKWORTH then went on to win the final against HARRIS by 28 IMPs. The winners received a prize of £400; the runners‑up got £200. (The losing semifinalists dropped into the consolation event.)



Thanks go to club member Gitte Hecht‑Johanson for her sponsorship of the event.




Change of Manager by Young Chelsea
James Thrower—Club ManagerJames Thrower—Club Manager

The YCBC Manager, Louisa Spawls, has resigned from this role due to personal circumstances. The club is sad to see her go but is very pleased to announce that a new manager has been appointed to take over. He is James Thrower, a former junior international player who has been making his mark recently in the London area as a bridge professional. His particular interest is in bringing new players into the game through teaching and the YCBC looks forward to a bright future with him at the helm.



Classes for Intermediate and Aspiring Players—Revised Schedule from January through April 2019 by Young Chelsea

We are continuing with more of our Sunday afternoon lessons for intermediate and aspiring players in the new year. The revised schedule has more lessons more frequently—one every two weeks. Each class will be a stand alone one, so do not worry if you miss one. The lessons start at 2.00pm and will finish at around 5.00pm.



Come Without a Partner on Mondays by Young Chelsea

There is a core group of players who are planning to come without partners every Monday and pair up on the night. Monday 7 January, the first such night, went really well and resulted in a boost to the attendance. We had nine tables for the first time in a very long while. The group is happy to include any club members who would like to come along. Any member is welcome to join in. You can, of course, still play with a regular partner—you are not obliged to join in.


Spring Saver 2019 by Young Chelsea

Spring 2019 starts early for Young Chelsea players. Regular evening duplicates move from from Wednesdays to Thursdays in the new year. (Please note that the start time on Thursdays is 7.00pm—the same as on Mondays.) And to begin with session fees for Thursday evenings are discounted.


On 27 December 2018 and throughout January 2019 Thursday evening duplicates are free for everyone.


From February 2019 through 18 April 2019, when the Spring ladder ends, Thursday evening duplicates are half‑price (except, of course, for students/juniors who pay nothing as usual).


Young Chelsea Weekend Events in 2019 by Young Chelsea

The Young Chelsea committee has produced a provisional calendar of special events to be held at the club on Saturdays, Sundays, or whole weekends in 2019. More events, particularly in the second half of the year, will be added in due course. Please save the dates in your diary. You will find the events in the calendar, but note that exact timings have not been finalised for every one of them.





For less‑current news see the news page.