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Posted 24 April 2019   Author Nick Sandqvist   Category Special Event


A Voice from the Past

This is your ex‑ex‑manager, Nick Sandqvist writing. How are you guys?


I’ve recently found out from the current manager that the Half Marathon this very Saturday has only a dozen or so pairs entered (but climbing). I think, perhaps of the turbulence of the last year, it has not been properly advertised but, regardless of that, the Half‑Mara is part of the YC’s soul. This one is IMP scored, so it’s not necessarily important to have many pairs. It’s just that it’s more fun if there’re more of us there.


James will be brilliant for the club, but he may still be too shy to beg for your attendance.


I, on the other hand, have no problem with begging—and shyness has never been one of my faults…


I’m hereby sticking my head out and asking you—as a personal favour to me, or even as a testimony for my years at the club—to get on the blower and open up that outbox; find that person you used to play with or who asked for a game once, then get the entry in before Friday evening so that David has a chance to get the movement right. I would be particularly thrilled if we would see some faces that have not been commonplace in the last year or so. If you can’t or don’t fancy playing all day, get a third person in and make it a threesome!


It also just so happens that I turned 50 this Monday last, so I’ll be bringing in a couple of cases of bubbly for the later hours…


It’s 11 to 11. Nataliya and the team will be there to keep you fed and watered, and James has worked hard on making the club look nicer. There’s an entry fee of some kind that you can afford, and probably a prize as well, but who cares? We’re all just there to have a good time, are we not?


Let’s not just make this an ordinary Half‑Mara; let’s make it the best ever!