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Posted 13 April 2013   Author Lorna Vestey   Category Premises Search


Another Pub!

King St, Hammersmith

Coming from a residential property market background, I find negotiations on commercial premises unbelievably slow and quite frustrating. However we soldier on with this one as it would be so good. The owners replied on Monday that they won’t sell a lease of 40 or more years, so we are presently trying for 25 years. This term wouldn’t be perfect for us but would be manageable.


Chiswick Park

On Friday Chris, Nick, and I went to see a unit very close to the tube station. Spotted by John D, the owners were at one time insisting on rental deals but now might sell a lease. It is light, big enough and on one level—a new build fitted out to a decent basic standard, though as ever we’d need to install extra WCs and a bar. We felt it was a definite possibility, though we all prefer King St. We’ll therefore keep trying on that for the moment but keep this one as first reserve. Luckily it is the same firm of agents (though different directors handling the two properties) so that makes things easier.


Another Pub!

David P, the developer who has been so helpful to us in the past, has suggested we look again at a pub in W12 which Chris and Nick viewed last year. It was sold to a developer, who apparently may have come unstuck on his plans for the ground and basement. So we’ll be doing that next week.


Temporary Home Search

We’re still looking on this front too, a belt and braces job! Chris, Nick, and I went to see a (non‑bridge) club on the Hammersmith and Chiswick borders this week which we think we could be an option if we find ourselves homeless, though we wouldn’t be able to have it more than four nights a week. Most Tuesday/Thursday afternoons would probably be alright. It has quite a lot going for it.


We have also contacted a dozen pubs in Earl’s Court/West Brompton and are visiting the five with function rooms of one sort or another to check them out. I’ve done two so far, The Pembroke (ex‑Colherne) is no good, The Atlas in West Brompton suggested by Tim G has possibilities.


Next Week

Hopefully more concrete developments!