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Posted 23 March 2018   Author Young Chelsea   Category Obituary


Colin Simpson (9 December 1948–18 March 2018)

Colin Simpson at the Young Chelsea in April 2016—winner of the Half Marathon

Colin Simpson at the Young Chelsea in April 2016—winner of the Half Marathon

We are very sad to report that Colin Simpson, a YC member since the early years of the club, died aged 69 on Sunday, 18 March, after an illness. Our sympathies go to his wife, Juliana.



Club member Nick Sandqvist has provided these details for Colin’s funeral:


GreenAcres, Woodland Burials, Potkiln Lane, Jordans, HP9 2XB.


Thursday, 29 March at 11.00am.


Reception afterwards at Beaconsfield Golf Club. Everyone is welcome.


No flowers. No donations.



Colin’s name appears on the honours boards at the club. As part of a threesome, he won the very first Young Chelsea marathon in 1973. (You can read club member Mahmoud Sadek’s account of that event.) Not content to rest on his laurels, Colin, partnering Alan Woo, won the marathon again in 1992, and, partnering David Kendrick, won the half marathon in 2016.



Club member Kitty Teltscher has written the following obituary for Colin.


Colin Simpson was a giant of a man, physically and mentally. He played in every tough high‑stake bridge game available and inevitably emerged a winner. Colin was born in England and his family moved to Scotland where he was educated. As a student at St Andrews he developed an interest in bridge and very quickly became top class. He came to London in the sixties and started playing at Stefan’s Bridge Circle against some of the top players of his era, including Sam Lev, Alan Manch, and Zia Mahmood. His optimistic outlook and affable manner made him highly popular wherever he played. Irving Rose, who was manager of St James’ Bridge Club, said that Colin, in his opinion, was the best card‑player of his day.


In addition to his prowess at bridge, Colin had an impressive career in the police force, Special Branch. In 1982 he came to the world’s attention when he was guarding the Israeli Ambassador to the UK who was attacked by a terrorist and shot in the head. Colin gave chase and shot the assailant at considerable personal risk as the assailant was aiming for him. Colin said after this happened he went back to headquarters and handed in his gun. In typical Colin form he was back on duty next day. He said with amusement that there was no counselling on offer in those days. Colin went on to be the bodyguard to Willie Whitelaw, with whom he developed a firm and long‑lasting friendship.


Colin enjoyed over 40 years of marriage to Juliana, a sophisticated and very attractive French woman. They both enjoyed bridge and golf as well as skiing and travel.


After retiring from the police force, Colin switched to duplicate bridge where he once again proved his enormous talent by coming fourth in the Olympiad at Maastricht in 2000. He was the mainstay of the British Senior Team, which qualified to play in the World Championship in Sao Paulo in 2009. Colin’s teammate Ross Harper said he was the nicest man he’d ever met. The team won the gold medal, so Colin finally earned the well‑deserved title of World Champion.