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History—The Way We Were

The Club Name

The name “Young Chelsea” might not be so obvious for a club located in Shepherd’s Bush in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The explanation lies long ago, but not so far away.


“Young” dates back to the founding of the club in 1968, when it was established to cater particularly for young players. In the early years our typical members were young working professionals, but the passage of time has wrought its changes. Several of the original members, now no longer young, are still playing. Although we like to think of ourselves as still young at heart and the club still provides a particularly warm welcome for young players, our membership now spans all ages; there is no age limit (in either direction!) for members.


“Chelsea” refers to the original home of the club in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (actually in the Earl’s Court area, but “Young Earl’s Court” does not have quite the same cachet).


Warwick Pitch (21 March 1937–30 August 2013)

Warwick Pitch was one of the founding members and the original proprietor of the Young Chelsea Bridge Club. The club would never have become what it is today without his selfless efforts. Club member Chris Duckworth wrote an article, telling his story, for the Winter 2006 issue of MetroNews, the newsletter of the LMBA.


The Early Years

Warwick himself wrote about the club’s beginnings in an article which originally appeared in the March 1990 issue of Chelsea Bridge, a very occasional publication by the club.


The First Young Chelsea Marathon

An account of the first Young Chelsea Marathon, by club member Mahmoud Sadek, originally appeared in the April 1974 issue of Chelsea Bridge.


English Bridge on the Young Chelsea

Club member John Probst wrote an article which appeared in the June 1997 issue of English Bridge, the magazine of the English Bridge Union. Beneath the hyperbole lay a grain of truth.


Keith Loveys (1949–2003)

An appreciation by Warwick Pitch and Barry Rigal


Tom Gunn (30 June 1945–8 December 2015)

A photographic portrait


Chelsea Bridge (scanned issues of the club magazine)

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