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New Year… New Skill… New Friends!


Goldhawks Bridge for Beginners

A fun and social course by a professional bridge teacher.


A series of eight weekly lessons taught at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club. Meet new people, exercise your brain, and discover why bridge has gripped millions of people for decades. Food is provided. What’s more, your first lesson is free!


Lessons take place once a week, starting on Thursday 9 January at 7.00pm. All are welcome. Come along on your own or with a friend!


About the Teacher—Niall Igoe

Niall Igoe (1980s)Niall Igoe

“Energetic” and “hilarious” are two adjectives that Niall’s students frequently use to describe him. His boundless enthusiasm ensures there’s never a dull moment in his lessons, but he also has an endless supply of patience and can adapt to every learning style. Despite still being under thirty (just), he plays a very high standard of professional bridge and has seen success both in the UK and abroad. His talents don’t stop at bridge; he has a PhD in Chemistry, making him one of the most educated bridge pros on the London scene. When not playing bridge, Niall enjoys reading an incredibly wide variety of books and seems to have a huge amount of knowledge on virtually every topic.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get there?


The Young Chelsea is situated directly opposite Goldhawk Road station. The entrance is next to and slightly behind Sainsbury’s. See more about transport links and parking.


  • How much does the course cost?


The full course is £160. However, your first lesson is free, so there’s no risk! Turn up and see if you like it, then pay later. Your course also includes free Young Chelsea membership for a year, worth £60!


  • How long is each lesson?


Each lesson will be around two hours long. However, we often find that people are having so much fun that they choose to stay longer and keep playing after the lesson has finished!


  • I’ve never played cards before. Is that a problem?


Absolutely not! The courses start at complete beginner level, and they’ll be tailored to each student’s pace.


  • What happens after the course?


After the beginners’ course we’ll run a follow‑on improvers’ course, for those who want to sharpen their skills. You’ll also be able to play in friendly supervised sessions, our social Goldhawks League, or just for fun with friends.


  • I’ve played a bit of bridge before, but not much. Is this course suitable for me?


If you’ve already had some experience of bridge but want to go back to basics, you’re welcome on the beginners’ course. However, you might also want to consider the Goldhawks League or trying our supervised play sessions. We can find you a bridge partner for these if you’d like—just call or email us.


  • What happens if I miss a lesson?


It’s best if you can make the whole course, but we understand that sometimes unavoidable commitments come up. If that happens, your teacher will be happy to provide notes on what you’ve missed and help you to catch up.



Page last updated 5 January 2020