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Membership of the YC

A Members’ Club

The Young Chelsea is a members’ club with approximately 320 members. You need not be a member to play in regular club sessions—there is no limit on the number of times you can play as a visitor.



Student Players

Student Players

Bona‑fide full‑time students are entitled to free membership of the club (and the EBU), and additionally pay no session fees for regular club games. A lower fee than for non‑student members is usually charged for simultaneous pairs and other special events. (Students are typically junior players; the club decides to whom it will offer student rates.)



For those who are not students, membership costs £60 per year, which includes membership of the English Bridge Union (EBU) and, for those who are not already members of another county, the London Metropolitan Bridge Association (LMBA).



Visitors’ fees are higher per session than members’. We leave it to players to make their own decision as to whether it makes financial sense for them to join the club, or to continue to pay the visitors’ rates. Those who choose not to join are welcome to keep informed by giving us their email address so that they receive our regular updates about forthcoming events. (Anyone who plays more than 15 times per year will save by joining the club.)



For those who are under the age of 25 but not students, session fees are half-price (except where the session fee is already discounted).


A Registered Charity

The Young Chelsea Bridge Club Ltd is a registered charity (no. 1158813), which means that your membership subscription can be treated as a Gift Aid donation. That benefits the club (and you indirectly as a member) as the Young Chelsea Bridge Club Ltd can reclaim tax on your subscription. Committee member Paula Leslie has produced this guide explaining Gift Aid in greater depth.


Membership Payment

You may pay a single year’s membership subscription in cash or by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), or set up a standing order to pay a membership subscription annually from your bank account. Please use the membership application form or pick one up at the club.


Membership is usually given on application and takes effect immediately, so you can come to the club and join when you first play, and pay session fees at the lower rate straight away.


Membership Benefits

In addition to lower session fees, there are benefits brought by EBU & LMBA membership, and there are certain competitions that require YC membership. The annual Young Chelsea Knockout competition is only open to YC members, and only paid‑up active members may represent the club in the EBU’s National Inter‑Club Knockout (NICKO) competition.


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Page last updated 20 March 2019