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Posted 23 July 2019   Author James Thrower   Category Regular Event


Next Couple of Weeks

Update: 30 July 2019

Apologies to all. Permission from the EBU for the YC to hold sessions of the Summer Meeting midweek events will not be forthcoming as we are too close to another club holding sessions. Anyone who wants to play in the midweek sessions may do so at Richmond BC instead.


We will revert to holding our regular duplicates on the affected Monday and Thursday.




I hope to find you in good health, and enjoying the brilliant Summer weather.


As many of you know, the Summer congress is upcoming and we have been offered the chance to partake in some of the multi‑venue midweek events. Our plan is to do this on:


  • Monday 5 August—Play with the Experts pairs
  • Thursday 8 August—Mixed Pairs


While I am confident we will be fine on the Monday, I would like to ask you, the membership, to email to let us know if you would be interested in the Mixed Pairs event. Should we have enough interest I will be in touch again confirming we will hold a heat, otherwise we will just have a normal duplicate, but I do need to know if there is a strong preference!


This Thursday evening, 25 July, we will not be holding a duplicate, as many of the regular players of the session are away and I do not wish to waste anyone’s time coming to a duplicate which doesn’t take place. We will be on the following week, 1 August, and perhaps a few new faces will join in too.


Finally on a positive note I am very happy to see table numbers on the up in recent weeks. Indeed we had a record 12½ tables last Monday, 22 July, and a very happy 16 tables on Friday 19 July. Let’s try and keep up the momentum, whether by attending or inviting a friend on a Friday, or simply turning up on Monday where we are more than happy to pair people up. I can see that there is a great atmosphere when we have more tables, especially with a few younger players to keep us on our toes.


I hope to see you all soon, and please do email if interested in the Mixed Pairs.


All the best.