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Which Session?

Advanced Sessions (Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings every week)

Monday evening (start 7.00pm; matchpoints), Wednesday evening (start 7.30pm; matchpoints), and Friday evening (start 7.30pm; cross‑IMPs) at the YC have traditionally provided the strongest club duplicate in the UK. Rub shoulders with international players, grandmasters and students many of whom will go on to become the stars of tomorrow. But don’t be intimidated by that—YC members are very friendly and the TD very understanding. So if you are an established player or intermediate player looking to step up in class then this is the game to choose. If you need a partner just turn up and one will be provided or try our facebook page.


Friendly Bridge Session (Second Sunday of each month 2.00pm–4.30pm)

This is intended to help novices make the transition to regular club play, or for players of all standards who are looking for a very relaxed and friendly game.


Supervised Play (Monday evening 7.30pm–9.30pm, Wednesday 1.00pm–3.00pm every week)

This is intended for beginners who have taken a course of lessons or intermediate players looking to learn further. See the classes page for further details.


YC Knockout

This is a strong teams‑of‑four double‑elimination knockout event with a £1,000 first prize (and a chance to qualify for the Lederer) open to YC members only.


It now begins in January each year. The winners will be eligible for at least a play‑off match for a place in the 2019 Lederer. More information, the draw, and results are on the YC Knockout 2017 page.


London Super League

This is a twice‑yearly league run by Nick Sandqvist, the club manager. It consists of two divisions with Division One very strong (with many international players). Two teams are promoted from the lower division and two teams are demoted from the higher division each season. Division One plays on some Wednesday evenings (usually every other week) and Division Two plays on Tuesday evenings (again usually every other week) at the YC. Start time is 7.30pm in both divisions. See the LSL website for further details.



† Note: The club is closed on bank holidays and bank holiday weekends in England and in the week between Christmas and the New Year.



Page last updated 26 August 2017