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Posted 6 April 2013   Author Lorna Vestey   Category Premises Search


Still the Wait Goes on

Short week and fairly short blog!


King St, Hammersmith

Still the wait goes on. I chased the agent this week and he said he’d be talking to his client and would get back to me. So another call on Monday…


Hammersmith & Fulham Council Properties

Camilla W had noticed an ex-nursery school building off Fulham Palace Road, so I called H&F. Apparently this one was sold about a year ago, the council lady thought for redevelopment.


In my telephone travels round H&F council I also ask again about the Lillie Road building, as some officials are more helpful and well-informed than others. One of the good guys told me that his son had been very keen to play bridge when he was about 18 but the only club they knew of was “a room full of 80‑year‑olds”. His son didn’t mind, but the oldies did and asked him not to come any more. Terrible, what a waste of enthusiasm… I told him they should have gone to YC but too late now as the son is in his mid‑thirties and living out of London! Anyway, the Lillie Road building is indeed scheduled for future redevelopment as part of renewal of the estate and is presently being squatted. The Tenants’ Association Hall next door is sometimes available for hire but is also used daily for after‑school clubs, etc., so no use to us even as a temporary measure.


Railway Buildings

Various railway companies have all sorts of buildings and we have investigated some before. Nick was looking at railway arches at one time. An unloved‑looking building beside West Brompton station caught our attention and Mark D volunteered as sleuth. Sadly it is being redeveloped so no good.



Mark has also been looking through the internet lists and having the same dispiriting experience as many of us—affordable properties being either too small, too far from transport or with no possibility of change of use.


John D mentioned a couple of buildings at Chiswick Park. I went there yesterday and will be speaking to the agent on Monday. One especially could be promising—they are not online.


Temporary Homes

We are following up more possibilities on this front too, though hoping we won’t need one! Updates on them next week.