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Super League—Spring 2020

The Young Chelsea Super League (YCSL) format has been arranged by Organizing Committee (SLOC).

  • All ten teams which qualified from last season’s super league (the top eight from Division One and the top two promoted from Division Two) have opted to join the YCSL. They plus two new highest ranked teams (De Botton, Leslie) form Division One which therefore exceptionally has twelve teams.
  • Division One teams start on Wednesday 22 January, play every other week until the penultimate round on 27 May, and finish one week later on 3 June (eleven matches). Teams: Black, Huggins, RGBA, Hinden, Jones, McGuire, Hillman, Rusty, Phoenix, Martin, De Botton, Leslie.
  • Division Two plays alongside Division One, starts two weeks later on Wednesday 5 February, ends 27 May, and has eight matches. (Each team has one round off.) Teams: Natt, Lawrence, Newman, Harris, Lehto, Hatstand, NewKids, Totah, Robinson.
  • There will be ten matches in play on every Division Two date. That is 80 players, logistically towards the maximum the club can feed at half time (we envisage Division One eating in the teaching room, Division Two in the bar, but this may change).
  • Prize money will be announced before the start date.
  • After this season, four teams will go down from Division One, two up from Division Two, to achieve a more manageable ten teams in Division One in the Autumn season. (So Division Two teams have a better chance of promotion than if the numbers in each division were equal, but Division One teams are worse off.)


If there are any weeks you know your team will need to reschedule please tell us now, via email to the club. Where possible, where two teams from a division need to reschedule in the same week we will try to schedule them to meet that week, to minimise the number of matches that need rescheduling.

SLOC members are: Brian Callaghan, David Muller (both on the YC management committee), Jonathan Lillycrop (YCSL Tournament Director), François Picard, and Gordon Rainsford.

If you wish to help make this event a success, please come forward to the SLOC. We welcome and need your help.

We thank you for your participation and hope you enjoy this new league.

Match result details are loaded to both Pianola and BridgeWebs. League standings appear on EBU league results pages: Division One, Division Two.


You can view the teams registered and see the draw,




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