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Systems Disclosure


Note that the information on this page is out‑of‑date and may not accurately reflect current practice.


General Approach

The YCBC has a relaxed attitude to towards the systems played on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, any system at EBU Level 4 or below being permitted, but players are asked to cooperate with making this policy work. To this end, all players playing unusual systems are requested to ensure they have completed convention cards that are readily accessible to their opponents and to briefly describe their system to opponents at the start of each round.



On Friday evenings, the system restrictions may be further relaxed to allow those partnerships that wish to try out unusual methods to do so on these evenings only.


Any pair wishing to take advantage of this must, however, do the following:

  • Document their system, together with a recommended defence or defences to the unusual features of the system
  • Submit the documentation for approval by the club management. Please note that approval will not be given to systems deemed to be entirely frivolous. Approval of systems will be indicated by the posting of a notice on the club notice board informing members that a named partnership has been given permission to play unusual methods, and referring members to a copy of the system documentation that will normally be displayed on the notice board.
  • Once approval has been obtained, ensure that they have a copy of the system documentation, including defences, available for inspection by their opponents whenever they are playing the system.
  • Draw the opponents’ attention to their system at the start of each round
  • If their opponents request them not to play these methods, the pair must revert to methods at Level 4 or below for the duration of the round.


Club Championship Pairs


The restrictions on system are relaxed even further for the once‑a‑month Club Championship Pairs, when any bidding systems are permitted without the necessity for prior approval.


Players are reminded that they should still have adequate system documentation, including defences, available at the table. They should also draw their opponents’ attention to the fact that they are playing unusual methods prior to the start of each round, and allow opponents to see and use the recommended defences.






Please note that the Tournament Director has the right to ask any players not complying with the above requirements to revert to a standard system (which would normally be the Standard YC system as documented on the Standard YC Convention Card).



Page last updated 9 August 2017