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Posted 10 September 2018   Author Paula Leslie   Category Special Event


YCBC Ladies Swiss Teams—November 2018

The Young Chelsea Bridge Club is delighted to present its second Ladies Swiss Teams. This event will be held at the club over the weekend 10 & 11 November 2018. There will be ten rounds of ten‑board matches, with the first six matches on the Saturday and the last four on the Sunday. The event starts at 10.30am on the Saturday and finishes at 4.30pm on the Sunday. (Play on the Saturday is estimated to finish around 7.30pm. Play on the Sunday starts at 10.00am.) There will be a break of around 45 minutes for lunch on each day. (There will be a buffet lunch supplied on each day, and a reception at the end of play on the Sunday.)





Entry fee: £300 per team. (Teams may comprise four, five, or six players—all women.)



You may view up‑to‑the‑minute entries via the Register for Events page.



Teams so far entered (at 22 October 2018):


1 Space Girls: Paula Leslie, Sølvi Remen, Liv Marit Grude, Ann Karin Fuglestad
2 Brown Sugar: Heather Bakhshi, Claire Robinson, Helen Erichsen, Fiona Brown
3 Four Belles: Sally Brock, Sarah Bell, Gilly Clench, Lizzie Godfrey
4 No N (In the Name): Margaret Nygren, Fiona Hutchison, Frances Connell, Kathryn Cearns, Maxine Etkin
5 The Ruff Diamonds: Kath Stynes, Debbie Sandford, Pat Johnson, Fran Alexander
6 Golden Girls: Maruša Gold, Diana Nettleton, Nevena Senior, Brigid Battiscombe
7 Dutch Highlanders: Anne Symons, Helen Kane, Suzanne Sheasby, Aida Jansma Saldzieva
8 Belgium Girls: Olivia Bailey, Ewa Wieczorek, Laura Covill, Siyu Ren
9 Verve: Rowena Clow, Hannah Cornfield, Millie Jones, Suzi Lawson
10 Grand Slam Drag Queens: Tonje Brogeland, Gunn Tove Vist, Lisbeth Glaerum, Torild Heskje
11 The Black Ewes: Stine Holmøy, Maja Rom Anjer, Nadia Bekkouche, Trine Binderkrantz
12 Good, Bad, Ugly and Lise: Margot Alfheim, Pippi Borge Steen, Krista Tharaldsen, Lise Gronningen Otterlei
13 Working Mamas: Helga Wiig Stangeland, Hilde Bjørlo, Rebekka Bjørkli, Kirsten Dubland
14 Duckworth’s Duchesses: Chris Duckworth, Agnes Wesseling, Jane Moore, Conny ten Cate
15 Brad Pitt: Norrie Buxton, Soheila Munro, Maureen Dennison, Liz Bingham, Susanna Gross
16 France White: Sarah Combescure, Emeline Jounin, Mathilde Thuillez, Anaïs Leleu
17 Blue France: Béryl Dufrene, Marie Coupel, Constance Belloy, Wilhelmine Schlumberger
18 French Cancan: Veronique Bessis, Anne-Laure Hubersciller, Jennifer Mourgues, Carole Puillet
19 The Pole Connection: Ewa Kater, Małgorzata Sawicka, Anne Catchpole, Beryl Kerr
20 Ewa Lasting: Heather Dhondy, Marcia Green, Danuta Kazmucha, Ania Sarniak




There will be a good prize pool—amount dependant on entries.



Hotel Options (prices at 10 September):


The Ibis Hotel in Shepherd’s Bush is a few minutes walk from the bridge club. A twin room for two nights (10–12 November) is currently £260, a single room is £240.


The Premier Inn in Hammersmith is a 15–20 minute walk or one stop on the Hammersmith & City Line tube. Their rooms are currently £176 for two nights (10–12 November), rooms are for one or two people.


The Premier Inn in Hanger Lane is a cheaper option. It is about a 15 minute tube ride away. Their rooms are currently £66.50 for two nights (10–12 November) for one or two people.



Results from the first event in 2017.



Entries and enquiries should be directed to Paula Leslie.