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Posted 19 June 2017   Author Paula Leslie   Category Special Event


YCBC Ladies Swiss Teams—September 2017

The Young Chelsea Bridge Club is delighted to present its first Ladies Swiss Teams. This new event will be held at the club over the weekend of Saturday & Sunday, 16 & 17 September 2017. There will be ten rounds of ten‑board matches, with the first six matches on the Saturday and the last four on the Sunday. The event starts at 10.30am on the Saturday and finishes at 4.30pm on the Sunday. (Play on the Saturday is estimated to finish around 7.30pm. Play on the Sunday starts at 10.00am.) There will be a break of around 45 minutes for lunch on each day. (There will be a buffet lunch supplied on each day, and a reception at the end of play on the Sunday.)




Entry fee: £300 per team. (Teams may comprise four, five, or six players—all women.)



Teams so far entered (at 9 September 2017):


1 Teltscher (Kitty Teltscher, Gitte Hecht‑Johansen, Ruth Henig, Ruth Masri)
2 Burgess (Helen Erichsen, Fiona Brown, Claire Robinson, Heather Bakhshi)
3 Cearns (Margaret Nygren, Fiona Hutchison, Frances Connell, Kathryn Cearns)
4 The Weak Link (Sally Brock, Karen McCallum, Gilly Clench, Lizzie Godfrey)
5 Paula’s Angels (Paula Leslie, Sølvi Remen, Gunn Tove Vist, Ann Karin Fuglestad)
6 Duckworth (Jane Moore, Gillian Fawcett, Chris Duckworth, Rosie White)
7 Dhondy (Nevena Senior, Brigid Battiscombe, Heather Dhondy, E. Lyons)
8 Scotland (Anne Symons, Helen Kane, Fiona McQuaker, Liz McGowan)
9 Junior Girls (Olivia Bailey, Hanna Tuus, Elizabeth Gahan, India Leeming, Meg Jones)
10 Kater (Ewa Kater, Sarah Ewart, Alice Kaye, Sarah Bell)
11 Other Junior Girls (Yvonne Wiseman, Laura Covill, Siyu Ren, Alex Birchall, Ewa Wieczorek)
12 Gold (Allison Green, Nicola Smith, Aida Jansma Saldzieva, Maruša Baša)
13 Verve (Kath Stynes, Hannah Cornfield, Dorota Krzyżaniak, Louise Selway)
14 Francesca (Anne Catchpole, Beryl Kerr, Francesca Piscitelli, Simonetta Paoluzzi)
15 Girls on Fire! (Thea Hove Hauge, Agnethe Hansen Kjensli, Katarina Ekren, Thea Indrebø)
16 Mothers and Daughters (Sofie Sjødal, Elisabeth Sjødal, Maren Kjensli, Grethe Kjensli)


♣   ♠


There will be a good prize pool—amount dependant on entries.



Entries and enquiries should be directed to Paula Leslie.